Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee Jumping in Nepal: When it comes to the adventure, one should go for bungee Jump while visiting Nepal. Unlike Paragliding, Skydiving, Whitewater rafting, trekking you obviously should give at least one try.

Bungee Jumping is the kind of adventure where you don’t have to take special training, nor you have to prepare. You just have to book your jump and simply enjoy the bungy trip.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Interested in Bungee Jumping in Nepal? Actually, there are two spots for Bungee Jumping in Nepal. One is at Bhotekoshi and another one at Pokhara.

You can take both of them or you can choose one spot for the Jump. It’s up to you to decide. Both of the places are not far away from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Now let’s explore these two Bungee spots in detail.

Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi

Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi: Bungee Jumping in Nepal
Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi

Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi is ranked among one of the world’s longest Bungee Jumps. It’s Asia’s 3rd highest Bungy jumping site.

It is a 3 hours ride from Kathmandu. The Last Resort organizes the Bungee Jump and is also famous for hosting other adventures like swing, canyoning, rafting, etc.

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Price

Naturally, Bhote Koshi is the god gifted place for Bungee. It is well developed and located in the perfect place. There is no best season for travelers to take part in this exciting event.

You can book your ticket all seasons. The bungee expert from New Zealand designed the Bungy Jumping spot.

The price differs for Nepalese, for the adventurer from SAARC countries and for people from any other country.

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Price for Nepali

Activity Day TripsPrice (NPR)
Bungy or Swing Day TripRs. 7500
Bungy & Swing Day TripRs. 9500
Tandem Day Trip (per couple)Rs. 12000
Canyoning Day TripRs. 6050
Rafting Day TripRs. 3000
Bungy & Canyoning TripRs. 10450
Go & See Day TripRs. 2000
Overnight PackagesPrice (NPR)
Relax at the Resort (1 Night)Rs. 5200
Relax & Bungy or Swing (1 Night)Rs. 11400
Relax & Tandem (1 Night) (per couple)Rs. 18700
Relax & Rafting (1 Night/1 Day)Rs. 8140
Relax & Rafting & Bungy (1 Night)Rs. 14400
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/1 Day)Rs. 9000
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/2 Days)Rs. 18300
Relax & Canyoning & Bungy(1 Night)Rs. 14400

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Price for SAARC Nations & Chinese

Activity Day TripsPrice (NPR)
Bungy or Swing Day TripRs. 9900
Bungy & Swing Day TripRs. 12300
Tandem Day Trip (per couple)Rs. 17500
Canyoning Day TripRs. 6000
Rafting Day TripRs. 4000
Bungy & Canyoning TripRs. 12700
Go & See Day TripRs. 2200
Overnight PackagesPrice (NPR)
Relax at the Resort (1 Night)Rs. 5600
Relax & Bungy or Swing (1 Night)Rs. 12000
Relax & Tandem (1 Night) (per couple)Rs. 20300
Relax & Rafting (1 Night/1 Day)Rs. 8250
Relax & Rafting & Bungy (1 Night)Rs. 15000
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/1 Day)Rs. 9900
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/2 Days)Rs. 20000
Relax & Canyoning & Bungy(1 Night)Rs. 15200

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Price for Foreigners

Activity Day TripsPrice (USD)
Bungy or Swing Day Trip$108
Bungy & Swing Day Trip$137
Tandem Day Trip (per couple)$180
Canyoning Day Trip$80
Rafting Day Trip$50
Bungy & Canyoning Trip$150
Go & See Day Trip$22
Overnight PackagesPrice (USD)
Relax at the Resort (1 Night)$60
Relax & Bungy or Swing (1 Night)$128
Relax & Tandem (1 Night) (per couple)$225
Relax & Rafting (1 Night/1 Day)$90
Relax & Rafting & Bungy (1 Night)$170
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/1 Day)$100
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/2 Days)$175
Relax & Canyoning & Bungy(1 Night)$170

Photos and Videos Rate in BhoteKoshi

The real cost for the Video at The Last Resort for Bungy Jumping in Bhotekoshi is as follows.

ClientsRate (NPR)
NepaleseRs. 1800
SAARCRs. 2300
ForeignersRs. 2500

The video cost for Nepalese clients is NRS 1800, NRs 2300 for SAARC nationals, and NRs 2500 for other foreigners. ­­­­­­­­­­The video cost includes a video of Bungy, 4 photos and a cool The Last Resort t-shirt.

Bungee Jumping at Bhotekoshi Eligibility

  • Weight of Bungee Jumpers must be between 40 kg to 98 kg.
  • Your age must be 18+ for Bungee Jumping.
  • If your age is below 18 then your parent must sign the waiver to get a ticket and the weight must be at least 40 kg.
  • A person with steel in the body isn’t allowed.
  • Pregnant women aren’t allowed for Bungee.
  • If you have heart disease or high blood pressure then you are not allowed.
  • A person with ligament injury isn’t allowed for Bungee Jumping.

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Bungee Jumping in Pokhara

Pokhara is a famous tourist area, and almost every person visiting Nepal will not miss this place. Pokhara is the place gifted by God and famous for different kinds of Adventure. Now, to make it more adventurous, you can do bungy jump in Pokhara.

It’s Nepal first and only tower bungee operated by HighGround Adventure. HighGround Bungee is 70 meters vertical drop with 3 seconds free fall. Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is newly compared to Bhotekoshi Bungy, but the thrilling is no less than of The Last Resort.

You can check the video below of Bungee Jump of Pokhara

Pokhara Bungee Jump Safety

The first rule of physical operation is safety. Safety should be taken as the top things to consider. Here, HighGround takes care of your safety with highly qualified jumpmasters from Europe.

They have a high standard of safety with the latest technologies. You can always be confident about their setup, and you can jump fearlessly.

Eligibility for Bungee Jumping in Pokhara

There are specific criteria to participate in Bungy Jumping in Pokhara.

  • Jumpers’ age must be 13 and older only.
  • Children between 13 to 15 age must be with their parent or guardian to sign the waiver.
  • Jumpers must weigh between 35kg and 125 kg.
  • No alcohol should be consumed during the ride.
  • Secure closed-toed shoes are a must.

Bungee Jumping Photos and Videos in Pokhara

As stated in Boucher made by HighGround Adventure

  • Videos and Photos can be purchased at bungee Station.
  • Photos are taken from the best vantage point.
  • Videos are shot in Full HD 1080.
  • Free T-shirts on the purchase of any souvenirs.

The price of Bungee pictures & video package with a T-shirt in Pokhara will cost you around $18.

Bungee Jumping Location in Pokhara

The location of Bungy Jumping in Pokhara is not far away from the central city. It is located 25 mins away from the scenic town from Pokhara.

Location: Hemja, Near Tibetan Camp, Pokhara

Service: Available Everyday

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Price for Nepali

ActivityCost (NPR)
Zip FlyerRs. 4500
BungeeRs. 4000
ComboRs. 7200

Pokhara Bungy Jumping Price for SAARC Countries

ActivityCost (NPR)
Zip FlyerRs. 8500
BungeeRs. 7500
ComboRs. 13500

Pokhara Bungy Jumping Price for Foreigners

ActivityCost (NPR)
Zip FlyerRs. 8500
BungeeRs. 7500
ComboRs. 13500

Booking Your Bungee Jumping in Nepal

You can book your Bungee via the official website. But in most of the scenario, Bungee Jump booking facilities are provided by the local companies who may already have the experience. You don’t have to worry about anything regarding the booking date.

For booking, WhatsApp us or call us at +977-9808211139 or email us using our contact form.

Bungee Jumping Tips

If you are visiting and doing bungee jumping in Nepal the first time then please follow these bungee jumping tips.

  • If you have suffered from heart diseases, High Blood Pressure, or any highly risked diseases then it is better to avoid jumping.
  • It is not recommended for the pregnant Traveler.
  • Be on the spot as early as you can to avoid the queue.
  • At least be with your friends or relatives. Don’t go Alone.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Don’t wear it as if you are going to the fashion show.
  • Be prepared Mentally.


How much does Bungee Jumping cost in Nepal?

The cost of Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi for Nepali is Rs. 7500, Rs. 9900 for Chinese & SAARC Countries and around Rs. 12000 for other Foreigners.
The cost of Bungy Jumping in Pokhara for Nepali is Rs. 4000 and Rs. 7500 for all foreigners including Indian clients.

Is there an age limit for Bungee Jumping?

Yes, the jumper must be above 18 years but the person below 18 age must be with their parent or guardian to sign the waiver.

What is the weight limit for Bungee Jumping?

For Bungy Jumping at Bhotekoshi, the minimum weight should be at least 40kg and 98kg at maximum.
For Bungee Jumping in Pokhara, the weight must be between 35kg and 125 kg.

What are the things to bring for Bungy Jump?

You must bring tight, closed-toe shoes with comfortable clothes for Bungee Jumping.


Note: The price of Bungee Jumping may differ. So please contact us directly through email/number or chat over WhatsApp for the detailed cost.


Don’t Forget to Scream while jumping.

Image Credits: Respective Official Website

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