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30 Interesting Facts About Mount Everest

Are you interested to know the facts about Mount Everest? Climbing Mt. Everest has been a dream for many people all around the globe.

Before going for the Everest Base Camp Trek or to Mt. Everest summit. Here are 30 interesting facts about Mount Everest that you may or may not know.

Mount Everest Overview

Mount Everest is the most famous mountain in the world. It is known for being the world’s highest mountain in the world, and also for its incredible beauty. There are many fascinating facts about Mount Everest that you might not know about.

Everest was first climbed by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. Since then, it has been climbed by many thousands of people from all over the world.

Everest is known by the name of Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet.

Everest Base Camp Trek Route Map
Everest Base Camp Trekking Route Map

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Unknown Facts about Mount Everest

Facts About Mount Everest
  1. Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain, with an elevation of 29,031.7 feet (8,848.86 meters) above sea level.
  2. Nepal and China share the border with this Himalayan peak in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range.
  3. There are seven summits on seven continents, including Mount Everest, which is the highest mountain on each. Among them are Everest, Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Mount Vinson, and Carstensz Pyramid.
  4. Mount Everest was first climbed in 1924 by British mountaineers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine.
  5. Mallory and Irvine both perished on the mountain, and it was not until 1953 that Mount Everest was finally summited by New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.
  6. More than 6,000 people have climbed Mount Everest since the first successful summit.
  7. Mount Everest has one of the world’s harshest climates, with temperatures ranging from -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius) to over -76 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 degrees Celsius).
  8. Compared to sea level, Mount Everest’s air density is only one-third that of the air at sea level, making it difficult to breathe.
  9. Mount Everest is home to a variety of wildlife, including the snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, red panda, and Tibetan wolf.
  10. Junko Tabei of Japan reached Everest’s summit in 1975, becoming the first woman to do so.
  11. Tenzing Norgay, a Nepali climber, and Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander, were the first to summit Mount Everest.
  12. At least 300+ people have died trying to climb Mt. Everest since 1922 and many of them are still in avalanches.
  13. It takes an average of two months (around 64 days) to climb Mount Everest.
  14. There are 4 camps on Mount Everest that allow climbers to stop for rest and supplies during their ascent and descent.
  15. Twelve Nepali guides were killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest in April 2014.
  16. Everest is also one of the most expensive mountains to climb, with the cost of a permit to climb the mountain alone costing around US$11,000.
  17. The most popular route to the summit of Mount Everest is via the South Col, which Hillary and Norgay first climbed in 1953.
  18. The South Col route involves climbing the Lhotse Face, a 3,280-foot (1000-meter) wall of ice.
  19. Other popular routes to the summit include the North Ridge also known as Northeast Ridge.
  20. Mount Everest is also famous for BASE jumpers, who have jumped from the summit of the mountain.
  21. Among the world’s highest summits, BASE jumper Valery Vladimirovich Rozov jumped from Mount Everest, where he became known.
  22. The record for the fastest ascent of Mount Everest is held by Nepalese climber Pemba Dorje, who reached the summit in 8 hours, 10 minutes, and 56 seconds in 2004.
  23. In total, Nepalese climber Kami Rita Sherpa has summited Mount Everest 26 times, making him the most seasoned climber in the world.
  24. Nepalese climbers Babu Chiri Sherpa and Ang Rita Sherpa, who reached the top of the mountain 10 times, hold the record for the most summits of Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen.
  25. The record for the most summits of Mount Everest in a single day is 354 on 23 May 2019.
  26. The record for the oldest person to summit Mount Everest is held by Japanese climber Yūichirō Miura (1932), who reached the top of the mountain at the age of 80 years, 224 days on 23 May 2013.
  27. The record for the youngest person to summit Mount Everest is held by American climber Jordan Romero, who reached the top of the mountain at 13 years and 10 months in 2010.
  28. The record for the oldest person from Nepal to summit Mount Everest is held by Nepalese climber Min Bahadur Sherchan, who reached the top of the mountain at the age of 76 years and 340 days in 2008.
  29. The first person to climb Everest from both the north and south sides was Babu Chiri Sherpa of Nepal, who accomplished the feat in 1999.
  30. A climber from the USA named Erik Weihenmayer climbed Everest for the first time in 2001 as a blind person.

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At The End

This mountain in the Himalayas is curiously sought after by many, but few seem to know how big it is or what it takes to climb it. In order to make this list more interesting, we decided to include some interesting facts about Mount Everest.

I hope you loved this blog and there are more interesting facts that may be missing here. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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