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Snowfall Places in Nepal

Are you searching for a list of amazing snowfall places in Nepal? Here is some detailed information about snowfall areas in Nepal that are either near or outside Kathmandu Valley.

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is known to be highly urbanized compared to other areas in Nepal. But we overlook the beauty of Kathmandu, which we will explore here from a different perspective.

We all know Nepal is a mountainous plateau towards the Tibet border. Some of the world’s highest peaks including Mount Everest (8,848.86 m) lie in Nepal. The presence of those snow-capped hills and mountains makes Nepal a suitable place for people to enjoy snowfall.

It is not likely to snow in the Kathmandu city area but on the outskirts of Kathmandu, at a slightly high elevation, you will notice snowfall. Therefore, if you really want to enjoy snowfall, you don’t have to travel long distances outside Kathmandu. You can visit places near Kathmandu where snowfall occurs during winter.

But if you want to go on a short trip with your friends and families to a hill station and enjoy a short vacation then there are snowfall places outside Kathmandu where you can drive to.

The snowfall destinations outside Kathmandu are suitable for trekking. Show some enthusiasm and add adventure to your trip by trekking to the snowfall destinations.

Then, witness the stunning panoramic view of snow-capped mountains during the trek. You can pick one from various trekking packages to the hill stations in Nepal and enjoy your holidays at the foot of the Himalayas.

Below is a list of some prominent places in Nepal with snowfall. These places have been travelers’ favorite snowfall destinations in Nepal.

Top 10 Snowfall Places in Nepal

Enjoy the list of the top 10 snowfall places near or outside Kathmandu Valley.

Snowfall Places Near KathmanduSnowfall Places Outside Kathmandu
Shivapuri National ParkPoonhill
KakaniKhaptad National Park

Snowfall places near Kathmandu

There are a few snowfall places located near Kathmandu that can be reached within a few hours. Drive to these places conveniently as the roads are wide and in good condition.

Visiting snowfall places near Kathmandu has a few benefits. You can reach the destination within a few hours so it saves traveling time. It is pocket-friendly compared to the trip outside Kathmandu.

Here are some snowfall places near Kathmandu that you must visit while in Kathmandu during snowfall.

1) Phulchowki

Phulchowki is a beautiful place located southeast of Kathmandu at a distance of 20km. It is a popular snowfall destination near Kathmandu among travelers during snowfall.

Driving for a few hours, you can easily reach Godavari. From the Godavari, take a 4-hour walk through a magnificent primeval sub-tropical forest to finally reach the beautiful Phulchowki.

Phulchowki Snowfall
Photo Credit: Abhishek Bikram Shah

During the heavy fall of autumn till the end of winter, snowfall can be encountered at Phulchowki. Travelers are fond of visiting Phulchowki mainly from December to February.

During these times of the year, the visual of snow-capped mountains is spectacular. The fun of walking through a snowy path is exciting. The visit to Phulchowki is best for a one-day short hike.

2) Shivapuri

Trekking beyond the Budhanilkantha temple, we ascend gradually to the Shivapuri hill up to an altitude of 2,500m. The walk is going to be a long one but the beauty of the Shivapuri forest will keep you mesmerized all way long.

The view of the Kathmandu valley from Shivapuri Hill is visually breathtaking. Capture the panoramic view of Kathmandu Valley from a high altitude with your camera lens if you want. The view is just perfect to seize into pictures.

Snowfall at Shivapuri National Park

The trip to Shivapuri is suitable for a one-day trek. Form a group and walk through the wild forest whereby any chance you may see wild animals lurking around.

Observe the distinct flora and fauna, different types of trees, and plants in the forest. Then reach the Shivapuri view spot which is covered in a snow blanket in the autumn and winter season.

The view of the snow-capped mountain range from that viewpoint is stunning. So you are recommended to visit Shivapuri during autumn (September-November) and winter (December-February) to encounter snowfall and an excellent view of the mountains.

3) Chandragiri Hills

One of the nearest snowfall places near Kathmandu, located just 7km away from Thankot is Chandragiri Hill. It is a popular hill station around Kathmandu Valley.

Snowfall occurs in Chandragiri Hill mainly during the autumn and winter season. It hardly takes 2 hours to reach Chandragiri. We buy cable car tickets at the counter and experience a long cable car ride to the top of Chandragiri Hill at an altitude of 2547m.

Chandragiri Hill Snowfall

The enthralling cable car ride manifests an amazing view of the Kathmandu Valley and the dense forest just below you. The trip to Chandragiri Hill is reasonable. It costs Rs 700 for two-way for Nepalese and SAARC countries, USD 15 (two-way) for Chinese, and USD 22 for others.

You are highly recommended to visit Chandragiri during snowfall. A huge crowd can be seen during snowfall at Chandragiri due to its convenient location, easy transportation, and brilliant landscape view.

There is a huge beautifully crafted Bhagwati temple, which is a sacred temple for Hindu pilgrims. Spend a whole day and return or you can spend a night at Chandragiri on a one-day trek package. 

4) Kakani

Kakani is one of the preferred snowfall places near Kathmandu to enjoy snowfall. It is a small village in the Nuwakot district. Located at a height of 2,073m, Kakani encounters snowfall mainly from December to February.

Due to snowfall, you will get to see snow-capped mountains like Mount Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Dorje Lekpa, Ganesh Himal, Gauri Shankar, and Shishapangma.

Kakani is reachable in an hour from Kathmandu. Due to the short distance from Kathmandu, a huge crowd can be observed in Kakani during snowfall. Kakani is also known for trout farming and strawberry farming. Don’t forget to explore the variety of features of Kakani.

Kakani Snowfall

You can take a bus from Balaju bus park to Kakani, alternatively, you can drive to Budhanilkantha and hike up to Kakani via Shivapuri National Park.

While you enjoy the short excursion to Kakani, you also get to explore the various species of flora and fauna, vegetation, trees, fruits, birds, and wild animals.

Several hotels provide accommodation facilities along with other attractive facilities such as rock climbing, bird watching, canoeing, and cave exploration.

5) Nagarkot

One of the popular snowfall places near Kathmandu has to be Nagarkot. Located just 32km away from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is one of the common tourist destinations for spectacular sunrise and sunset view and mountain views in the Bhaktapur district.

Nagarkot can be reached easily within three hours but travelers are highly recommended for a one-day trek to Nagarkot.

Occasional snowfall can be witnessed during heavy rainfall in the Autumn and Winter season. Since it is near Kathmandu, there is a huge crowd during snowfall in Nagarkot.

Nagarkot Snowfall

People with their family and friends visit Nagarkot at other times too mainly for the sunrise and sunset view. There is a view tower in Nagarkot from where the entire Kathmandu valley can be observed.

Nagarkot is also popular for mountain viewing. Some of the high peaks like Gaurishankar, Langtang and Dorje Lakpa, Mount Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and Manaslu are distinctly visible from the Nagarkot platform.

When you are at Nagarkot to experience snowfall, utilize your stay for sunrise and sunset views too. Stay overnight at a nice hotel in Nagarkot and wake up early the next morning. Climb the viewpoint tower for a better manifestation of the sunrise from behind the high peaks.

Snowfall places outside Kathmandu

Snowfall places outside Kathmandu are located at quite a distance from Kathmandu. It takes a long time to reach the destination. You would have to stay overnight outside Kathmandu to complete the journey.

These snowfalls are at a slightly high altitude so it is going to be freezing cool during Autumn and winter there. Here are some popular snowfall places in Nepal you should visit to enjoy snowfall.

1) Kalinchowk

Kalinchowk is one of the most visited snowfall places outside Kathmandu. Kalinchowk is quite popular among domestic travelers during snowfall.

It is located around 135km far from Kathmandu city in the Dolakha district. It takes around 8 to 9 hours to reach Kalinchowk from Kathmandu. Kalinchowk is a part of the Gaurishankar conservation area.

There is a sacred temple of Kalinchowk Bhagwati at an altitude of 3,850m. Hindu pilgrims worship the goddess for their prosperity. To reach the Kalinchowk temple, there is a facility of a cable car ride or you can walk too.

Hiking to the top of the hill is enthralling. The stone-paved path can be steep during snowfall so you have to be careful while hiking. If you choose to ride a cable car, you don’t have to walk.

The experience of snowfall at Kalinchowk is distinct from other hill stations in Nepal. The landscape view entire village covered with snow looks heavenly.

Snowfall at Kalinchowk

Observe some of the high snow-capped peaks in the vicinity such as Ganesh Himal, Gauri Shankar Himal, Shisha Pangma, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, and Jugal Himal.

After experiencing snowfall in Kainchowk, you can extend your excursion towards Jire, mude, and kharidhunga village too. These villages are geographically stunning and perfect for hiking.

The houses and hotels in Kalinchowk have beautiful construction and unique architecture. The fresh ambiance of this high-altitude trek will make it hard to leave the place.

The enthralling Kalinchowk trek is highly recommended to non-risktaker travelers. Anyone with average physical strength can complete this journey. If you love skiing or you haven’t ever tried skiing in your life then skiing at Kalinchowk is just perfect for you.

Try this exotic adventure sport at Kalichowk. Skiing can be a great way to enjoy snowfall. During the Autumn and winter season, snowfall can be mostly seen at Kalinchowk.

2) Poonhill

If you want to enjoy trekking in a Himalayan region during snowfall then you are recommended this short and sweet journey to Poonhill. Poonhill is a popular snowfall destination in the Annapurna region.

It is mostly known as Ghorepani Poonhill Trek or Sunrise Trek among trekkers. The maximum altitude covered in this trek is 3,210m. It means it is a low-altitude trek.

Located inside the Annapurna conservation area, the Poonhill trek is a short trek in the Annapurna region. You would require two permits to enter the restricted area of the Annapurna region: ACAP and TIMS card.

During the Autumn and winter season, snowfall is apparent in Poonhill. Poonhill is a trekker’s paradise due to its stunning landscape. The trekking trail goes through dense forests of rhododendron which look spectacular when covered with snow.

Snow at GhorePani PoonHill

You can also visit small yet beautiful villages of the Annapurna region like Ghandruk and Ghorepani. During snowfall, the ambiance of the village is quite different. The campfire at the top of the hill will be a unique experience that you will enjoy for sure.

An interesting feature of Poonhill is that you can have a 360-degree view of mountain ranges like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri in the vicinity.

During winter (December – February), it is the best time of the year to enjoy snowfall in Poonhill. The temperature measures 8 to 15 degrees maximum in the daytime and 5 to -5 degrees minimum at night time so wear some warm clothes and be well-equipped for trekking. You can enjoy the hot spring at Jhinu during the cold weather and relax after walking for long hours.

3) Daman

Another amazing snowfall place outside Kathmandu, just 75km southwest of Kathmandu is Daman. Daman is a popular hill station in Nepal located in the Makwanpur district.

It is a common snowfall destination where snow falls every year during winter. So Daman is one of the major tourist attractions during snowfall where the crowd of domestic tourists is seen in the majority, mainly in the Autumn and Winter seasons to play snow with their families and friends. 

Enjoy a trip to Daman as a one-day short hike for a better experience. You can take a bus from Kalanki to Pharphing. Pharping is a small yet beautiful Newar town.

You can stroll around for a while then hike from Pharping up to Chitlang village. It is a stunning village in the Makwanpur district with a beautiful landscape. Its striking geographic beauty will leave you awestruck.

Snowfall at Daman
Pic: Daman Nepal/Facebook

During snowfall, the village covered with a snow blanket looks even more appealing. You can hike to an altitude of 2400m and enjoy the snowfall.

You can also stay overnight at a nice hotel, which is present there in abundance. You can also request for campfire and BBQ at the hotel. They will make arrangements for it. Also, visit the nearby Kulekhani village and enjoy fun activities like fishing, boating, hiking, etc.

4) Khaptad National Park

A fascinating area within the Khaptad national park, located in the far western region of Nepal, is one of the best snowfall places to explore. Khaptad national park expands to an area of 225 sq. km in the Seti zone.

Interestingly, Khaptad national park is the only national park in Nepal where snowfall occurs every year. Established in 1984, the national park is named after a pilgrim of Lord Shiva.

It is a short and easy trek. This 2 days trek takes us through the dense pine, oak, and rhododendron forest, which is the habitat for no less than 300 species of birds, 30 mammals, and 200 medicinal herbs.

Khaptad National Park Snowfall
Pic: Khaptad/Facebook

You can trek to an altitude of 3000m. During winter, visiting this snowfall place is exciting. The view of the whole landscape covered with snow blanket and the panoramic view of snow-capped mountain ranges is worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.

Also, visit the religious Ashram of khaptad baba and spend quality time.

For transportation, catch a bus from Gongabu bus park and get off at Attariya Chowki. Then, a 9 hrs drive will take us to Silgahri. Else, alternatively, take a flight to Dhangadhi and drive to Silgahri. You would require Khaptad National Park Entry Permit and TIMS card to enter the restricted area.

Khaptad National Park occasionally suffers massive snowfall risking the wildlife there. The snow blanket sometimes blocks the trekking path.

The temperature measures 2-3 degrees in the daytime and drops drastically to -15 degrees in the nighttime. So before heading for Khaptad National Park during snowfall, learn about the condition of the place first.

5) Gosainkunda

Gosaikunda is a lake located northwest of Kathmandu in the Langtang region. Gosainkunda is popular as both a holy lake and an adventurous hiking destination inside the territory of Langtang National Park.

Situated at an altitude of 4380 meters in the Rasuwa district, Gosainkunda is one of the best snowfall places in Nepal. Due to its location at a high altitude, surrounded by snow-capped hills and mountains, the climate of Gosainkunda is cold most of the time.

Gosaikunda Snowfall
Pic: silvi_s1177/Instagram

Gosainkunda encounters snowfall mainly during the Autumn (September – November) and Winter (December – February) seasons. This snowfall destination is not easy to reach. Trekking to Gosainkunda is challenging and strenuous.

The place is usually cold throughout the year. The average maximum temperature peaks at 18 to 22 degrees whereas the average minimum temperature hits 2 to -6 degrees Celsius in the winter season.

You have to be well-equipped, physically, and mentally fit to be able to complete this trek. Trekkers consider the Gosainkunda trek as one of the adventurous high-altitude treks of Nepal.

As you enjoy snowfall at Gosainkunda, you will also be treated to wonderful visuals of panoramic mountains, tranquil lakes, frozen waterfalls, dense forests, and much more.

To enjoy snowfall at Gosainkunda, you would require two permits: Langtang Area Regional Permit and Langtang National Park Entry Permit. These permits will allow you to enter the restricted area of the Langtang region.

6) Pathibhara

In the Taplejung district of Nepal, Pathibhara offers famous snowfall at 3,794 meters (12,448 ft). The area is known for the Pathibhara Temple, a revered religious site that attracts many visitors yearly.

Pathibhara Mata

One of the main reasons to visit Pathibhara is to enjoy the snowfall in Nepal. The area receives heavy snowfall during the winter months, making it a popular destination for playing snow with your friends and family. The snow-covered landscape provides a picturesque backdrop for photography and sightseeing, and the crisp mountain air and clear skies offer a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In addition to snowing visitors can also hike to the nearby trekking routes, such as the Pathibhara trek, which takes you through lush forests, traditional villages, and beautiful landscapes. As well as enjoying the rich culture and traditions of local communities, this trek offers excellent cultural experiences.

Overall, Pathibhara is a must-visit destination for those looking to experience the beauty of Nepal’s snowy landscapes and enjoy the rich culture and tradition of the local communities.

Reasons to Visit Nepal during Snowfall

Nepal is widely known as the land of mountains due to the presence of several high mountains. Though our territory is landlocked but being surrounded by mountains is amazing.

Mountains are visible from most parts of Nepal. The mountain view keeps us close to nature. Since Nepal has several areas close to the Himalayas, numerous places encounter snowfall.

When heavy rain falls in the Autumn season, snowfall occurs in different parts of Nepal at high altitudes. So what makes snowfall in Nepal different? Below are some reasons to visit Nepal during snowfall.

  • The geography of Nepal is such that some places are hard to reach and some are easy to reach. The travel agency in Nepal has designed such packages, with the help of which you can reach those places without much toil.
  • You can either choose low-altitude destinations or high-altitude destinations according to your convenience to enjoy snowfall. If you pick low-altitude snowfall places then, you can choose from the list of snowfall places near Kathmandu. If you pick high-altitude snowfall places then, you can choose from the list of snowfall places outside Kathmandu.
  • Visiting Nepal during snowfall offers you an enthralling trekking experience, a spectacular view of majestic mountains, and a snowfall experience closer to nature.
  • It is safe to visit snowfall places in Nepal. Enjoying snow doesn’t require long vacations and these trips are cost-effective. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any snowfall place in Pokhara or Kathmandu?

No, there is no snowfall place in either Pokhara or Kathmandu. You have to go to slightly high altitudes than these towns to experience snowfall in Nepal.

In which month can we see snow in Nepal?

Out of four seasons, snowfall occurs in Nepal during two seasons. They are the Autumn season and Winter season. Snowfall usually starts from the heavy rain of autumn and extends to the winter season.
From September, the season of rainfall starts. Rainfall frequently occurs from September to November. Then, in December the winter season begins. It extends till February.
Therefore, in September, October, November, December, January, and February, there is a high possibility of snowfall in Nepal.

Is it safe to visit Nepal during snowfall?

Yes, absolutely! It is safe to visit Nepal during snowfall. When you trek to high altitudes during snowfall, you are highly recommended to hire a guide.
An experienced guide will take responsibility for your safety. Follow their instructions sincerely. The guide will tackle unexpected problems and reduce risk. They will tell you different tricks and tips that come into use for safety purposes.

Which is the coldest place in Nepal?

The places in the vicinity of high peaks are the coldest place in Nepal such as the Annapurna region, Everest region, Mustang district, and so on. As you reach higher altitudes in these regions, the temperature drops correspondingly.
It means the altitude and temperature are inversely proportional. The weather up there is freezing and a cool breeze blows continuously.

What is the best time to visit Kalinchowk for Snow?

Any time of the year is suitable to visit Kalinchowk but if you want to experience snowfall at Kalinchowk then you should pick either Autumn or Winter season for the Kalinchowk trek. Autumn and Winter are the best time to visit Kalinchowk for snow.

Where can we find snow in Nepal?

It is not possible to reach high altitudes just to experience snow. We can find snow in Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Manaslu circuit trekking, etc but these treks cannot be ventured in a short time just for the sake of snowfall. These treks require proper preparation, a long time, and the will to complete the trek. Only avid trekkers embark on such treks.
So those who just want to experience snowfall being close to nature can endeavor a short excursion tour to nearby places where snowfall can be found. Snowfall occurs in these places during heavy rainfall in Autumn and during cold winter. The above list of snowfall places is suitable to experience snowfall in a short time without much toil. You are encouraged to select the places from the above list to find snow in Nepal.


Nepal has some amazing places to enjoy snowfall. You will have a lifetime experience while visiting snowfall places in Nepal. The packages are pocket-friendly and available for customization.

If you have any queries, feel free to connect with us. You can easily book your trip and experience the unmatched beauty of Nepal.

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Top 10 Snowfall Places in Nepal
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