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Dashain Tika Mantra for Male & Female

During the Dashain festival, the Dashain Tika Mantra is chanted. Good luck and warding off evil are the purposes of chanting the mantra. When the Dashain festival comes around, devotees chant the mantra.

Dashain Tika Mantra in Nepali

This is a blog on Dashain Tika Mantra in Nepali. Read this article to know about the important contents of the Dashain tika mantra in Nepali.

Dashain Tika Mantra in Nepali

Dashain Mantra for Male in Nepali

आयुर्द्रोण सुते, श्रीयोँ दशरथे, शत्रुक्षयों राघवे
ऐश्वर्य नहुशे, गतिश्च पवने, मानन्च दुर्योधने

सौर्य शान्त नवे, बलं हलधरे, सत्यन्च कुन्ती सुते
विज्ञान विदुरे, भवन्तु भवन्तां, कीर्तिश्च नारायणे ।।

Dashain Mantra for Female in Nepali

जयन्ती, मङ्गला, काली, भद्रकाली, कपालिनी
दुर्गा, क्षमा, शिवाधात्री, स्वाहा स्वाधा नमस्तुते ।।

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Dashain Tika Mantra in English

Read Dashain Mantra in Roman English for both males and females.

Dashain Tika Mantra in English

Dashain Mantra for Male in English

Ayur Drona Sute, Sriyo, Dasarathe, Satruk ksheyam Raghave,
Aishwarye Nahushe, Gatischa pawane, Manancha Duryodhane
Saurya Shanta Nawe, Bala Haldhare, Satyascha Kuntisute,
Bigyan Bidure, Bhawantu Bhawantaa, Kirtischha Narayane.

Dashain Mantra for Female in English

Jayanti, Mangala, Kaali, Bhadra Kali, Kapalini
Durga, Kshyama, Shiva Dhatri, Swaha Swadha, Namostu te.

Complete Dashain Tika Mantra in Nepali Languages

Dashain Full Tika Mantra in Nepali

आयुर्द्रोणसुते श्रियो दशरथे शत्रुक्षयं राघवे ।
ऐश्वर्य नहुषे गतिश्च पवने मानञ्च दुर्योधने ॥

शौर्य शान्तनवे बलं हलधरे सत्यञ्च कुन्तीसुते ।
जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी

दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोस्तु ते ।
जय त्वं देवि चामुण्डे जय भूतापहारिणि

जय सर्वगते देवि कालरात्रि नमोऽस्तु ते
ब्रह्मा करोतु दीर्घायुर्विष्णु: करोतु सम्पद:

हरो हरतु पापानि गात्रं रक्षतु चण्डिका
आवाहनं न जानामि न जानामि समर्पूणम्

पूजां चैव न जानामि क्षम्यतां परमेश्र्वरि ।

Dashain Mantras & Blessings Meaning in English

Usually, grandfather, grandmother, father, and mother chant this mantra while wearing tika and jamara. so let’s see the meaning in English.

Ayur Drona Sute: It means to have a life like the son of Guru Dronacharya, i.e. Aswasthama. Sapta Chiranjeevi is one of the Aswasthama who received the boon of eternal life from Lord Shiva himself. It is believed by religious analysts that he is still alive today.

Sriyo Dasarathe: It means that ‘Sri’ meaning ‘Lakshmi’ should always live in the house of King Dasharatha. In this mantra, Aiswarya and Lakshmi are explained in slightly different ways. Aiswarya can be used for charity and religion, it can also be used for evil deeds and it can also be used for revenge. But if Lakshmi is sitting steadfastly like Dasharatha’s house, then it always means positivity and stability.

Satruk ksheyam Raghave: It is associated with Lord Rama. Lord Rama is also called Raghava because he was born in Raghu Kula. Therefore, Satruk ksheyam Raghave means to have the power to defeat enemies like Lord Rama.

Aishwarye Nahushe: It means to be opulent like King Nahusha, to have wealth. Nahusha, the lunar king of the earth, had so much wealth that when the king of heaven, Indra Rajagaddhi, who killed Vishvarupa and Vritrasura and hide himself in a lotus flower, the gods of heaven chose king Nahusha to rule the kingdom so that he, who was already full of wealth, would not misuse the position of brotherhood and service facilities, which was already full of wealth.

Gatischa pawane: It means Pawan means to have speed, velocity, and power like the wind. It is the desire to develop the ability to solve big problems in the same way that even big buildings and mountains are helpless to the speed of the wind.

 Manancha Duryodhane: It means that among the hundred sons of Dhritarashtra, i.e. among the Kauravas, Duryodhana, the brave, brave, and mighty eldest son, should have the same honor and respect.

Danam Surya Sute: It means to be generous like Karna, the son of Surya. Karna is also known as Danveer. He used to donate spontaneously without any hesitation or remorse from a pure heart. He had armor and coils from Surya and as long as those armors and coils were with him, his death was not possible. When Indra tricked him in the guise of a priest to ask for those armors and coils, he donated them even though he knew that he was tricking him, and finally he had to die in the battle of Kurukshetra. It is said that after becoming a human, it is not enough to earn wealth and wealth, and according to the scriptures, one must donate 10 percent of what one earns.

Balam Haldhare: Haldhare means to have strength and power like Lord Krishna’s brother Balaram. Although his real name is Sankarshan, he is said to have brought the Jamuna to Vrindavan with his plow, he was named Balarama because of his inferior strength.

Satyam Cha Kuntisute: It has the potential to be truthful like Kunti’s eldest son Maharaj Yudhishthira. In his entire life, Yudhishthira lied only once about the death of Aswasthama due to Lord Krishna’s order, and that too he lied in twisted mercury. Lord Krishna said after doing a lot of work, Lord, Aswasthama has died, but I don’t know if it is human or elephant Aswasthama.

Vigyanam Vidure: It means to be wise, to be a scholar like Vidura, who was the uncle of the Pandavas and Kauravas and the prime minister of Kurukshetra. Vidur was a wise ideal man who never cheated anyone, full of real awareness of business, science, and politics. At a time when even God himself was involved in the war, he gave up his ministerial position as well as his arrows in protest saying that there was no justification for war.

Bhavantu Bhavatan Kirtischa Narayane: It means that Narayana, the creator of this entire universe, spreads like the kirtis of God Bishnu. The praises of Lord Narayan have been sung in four Vedas and eighteen Puranas. Therefore, you should also engage in creative work in such a way that your name and good deeds are sung for ages.

At the End

Dashain Festival is one of the biggest and most important festivals in Nepal.

The above Dashain mantra is a blessing offered by an elder person to the younger ones while offering tika and jamara on the 10th day of the Dashain.

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