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Best Time to Visit Nepal

This article will help you to find the best time to visit Nepal throughout the year. The best season to visit Nepal is Autumn Season ( Late September – Late December). Visitors want to travel when the weather is clear and favorable for magnificent scenery.

In this guide, you will learn about weather with different seasons as well as the average temperature in Kathmandu valley.

Best Time To Visit Nepal Guide

We’ll explore more, which is the best time to visit Nepal. Please refer to the following tips before planning your trip to visit Nepal.

Best Time To Visit Nepal Climate Guide

Weather in Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country. Topographically, Nepal is divided into three regions, the Himalayas, the Middle Hills, and the Terai. Depending upon the altitude, the weather varies.

The Himalayan Region lies in the Northern part of the country above 3,353 m in altitude.

Himalayan Region almost covers 15% of the whole area. World Highest Peak, Mount Everest lies in this region. Himalayan Region is cold and famous for trekking. Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp is the favorite destination for high altitude trek.

Hilly Region lies in the southern part, which almost covers 68% of the total area. Its altitude ranges above 600 meters. The Hilly region is less cold than the Himalayan Region.

The Terai region is usually hotter as altitude varies from 300 meters to 600 meters. It covers around 17% of the total land.

English SeasonsNepali SeasonsMonths
Spring SeasonBasanta RituMid-March to Mid-May
Summer SeasonGrishma RituMid-May to Mid-July
Rainy SeasonBarsha RituMid-July to Mid-September
Autumn SeasonSharad RituMid-September to Mid-November
Pre-winter SeasonHemanta RituMid-November to Mid-January
Winter SeasonShishir RituMid-January to Mid-March
Nepal Has Six Climatic Seasons

1. Spring Season

(Between March-May)

In this season, the temperature is softly warm at low altitudes while moderate at higher altitudes. This is the best time to Visit Nepal if you want to explore the beauty of this beautiful country.

It’s time for the flowers to blossom as you can see beautiful red rhododendrons – the national flower of Nepal above 2000 meters. You can explore the beauty of Mountain Views.


2. Summer Season

(Between June – August)

This is the season where the temperature rises higher 30-degree Celsius. This season is also called Monsoon Season. It is hot and wet everywhere as there is daily rainfall with thunderstorms. It is not the best season to visit Nepal.

Summer Season in Nepal: Best Time to Visit Nepal

3. Autumn Season

(Between September – November)

Well, Autumn Season is the best tourist season in Nepal. The weather in this season is amicable for trekking, hiking, etc.

You can find many tourists booking their tickets to Nepal for the mesmerizing view of the mountains. This is also the season of the Biggest Festival Dashain in Nepal, celebrated by Hindus followed by another festival Tihar.

4. Winter Season

(Between December – February)

As you know, In the winter season is the weather is cold. At higher altitudes, there will be heavy snowfall. This is also the best season to visit Nepal if you want to explore lower elevations.

Temperature and Rainfalls

Nepal has its own six seasons. The temperature varies according to the elevation. We are going to list the monthly average temperature of Kathmandu (Capital City of Nepal).

Average Temperature of Kathmandu

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Last Words

This best time to visit Nepal guide is going to help you to choose the best season to travel to Nepal. As Nepal has numerous beautiful destinations, any season is the best season to explore different regions.

If you have any questions/queries then please feel free to comment below. We will try to reply ASAP.


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