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5 Best One Week Treks in Nepal

If you are looking for the one week treks in Nepal then Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest View Trek, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, Helambu Circuit Trek, and Langtang Valley Trek are the best trekking routes.

These routes are generally suitable for all kinds of trekkers. Especially, if you are for a family trek then these treks are among the best ones. You can usually complete these routes within a duration of 5 to 7 days.

5 Best One Week Treks in Nepal

We have listed 5 routes for a week’s treks in Nepal and there are lots of other routes too, if you want to explore then you can simply head towards our short treks in Nepal guide.

One Week Treks in Nepal

1. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp is a popular hiking route, second only to Everest Base Camp. The ABC Trek is not too hard, but you should plan to spend at least a week on this route.

You will be amazed by the stunning beauty of the Machhapuchhre Himal, also called Fish Tail Mountain. The area is full of different cultures, and hikers can learn about the local people’s way of life.

This trek is famous for its breathtaking views of the Annapurna mountain range and is considered one of the best short hikes in Nepal.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek from Pokhara
Trip NameAnnapurna Base Camp Trek
Trip Duration7 Days
AccommodationLocal Guest House
Maximum Elevation4,130 meters
Best SeasonFebruary-May & September-December

2. Everest View Trek

When it comes to trekking regions in Nepal, Everest Base Camp takes the crown for being the most crowded. For a different experience, you can try the Everest View Trek, also known as the Everest Panorama Trek, which begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.

During this trek, you’ll have the chance to meet the local people, called Sherpas, who are highly skilled and known as the “tigers of snow.” They often accompany climbers on their expeditions.

Finding accommodation at Everest Base Camp can be challenging, especially during the peak season. As the gateway to Mount Everest, Namche Bazaar offers a great vantage point to observe the majestic Mount Ama Dablam and Everest itself.

Everest Base Camp is renowned for both long and short treks in Nepal, making it a popular destination for adventurers seeking unforgettable experiences.

Everest View Trek
Trip NameEverest View Trek
Trip Duration7 Days
Maximum Elevation3,864 meters
Best SeasonSeptember-November & March-May

3. Langtang Valley Trek

The Langtang Valley Trek provides a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the Himalayas.

This trek is renowned for its stunning landscapes and is also known for its wildlife, as it passes through Langtang National Park, one of Nepal’s national parks.

If you stick to your planned itineraries, you can complete these trails within a week.

Although the Langtang region was affected by the 2015 earthquake, it has now recovered, and we highly recommend it for trekking.

It offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds you.

5 Best One Week Treks in Nepal 1
Trip NameLangtang Valley Trek
Trip Duration7 Days
AccommodationTea House
Maximum Elevation4,773 meters
Best SeasonFebruary-May & September-December

4. Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

The Poon Hill Trek is an excellent choice for trekkers looking to spend around 5 to 6 days. The highlight of this trek is Ghorepani Poon Hill, which offers a multitude of mountain viewpoints.

From the Poon Hill viewpoint, you can witness breathtaking views of snow-covered peaks, including Annapurna South (7,273m) and Dhaulagiri (8,167m).

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is considered an evergreen trekking destination, attracting visitors throughout the year.

The journey begins at Nayapul, which is located on the road from Pokhara to Baglung, once you arrive in Pokhara.

It is renowned as one of the best options for those seeking a quick and fulfilling trekking experience in Nepal.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek: Best Short Treks in Nepal
Trip NameGhorepani Poon Hill Trek
Trip Duration4 to 5 Days
AccommodationTea House
Maximum Elevation3,210 meters
Best SeasonSeptember-November & March-May

5. Helambu Circuit Trek

While it may not be as well-known as the Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Circuit Trek, the Helambu Trek offers its unique charm.

One of its advantages is its easy accessibility from Kathmandu. You can quickly begin your trek to Helambu from Sundarijal, located at the eastern end of Kathmandu.

The Helambu Trek can be completed within a week, making it a convenient option for those with limited time.

During this trek, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and observe the way of life of the people in the region.

What sets Helambu apart is its tranquil and less crowded nature compared to other popular trekking routes.

You’ll be delighted by the warm hospitality extended by the Sherpas of the Helambu Region, adding an extra touch of warmth and authenticity to your trekking experience.

5 Best One Week Treks in Nepal 2
Trip NameHelambu Short Trek
Trip Duration6 Days
AccommodationTea House
Maximum Elevation3,870 meters
DifficultyEasy, Moderate
Best SeasonSeptember-November & March-May

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are permits required for one-week treks in Nepal?

Yes, permits are required for most treks in Nepal, including one-week treks. The most common permits are the TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) card and other national park permits for Annapurna, Sagarmatha, Langtang, etc.

What level of physical fitness is required for a one-week trek in Nepal?

An individual with a moderate fitness level can go for one week’s trek in Nepal. Just prepare for one or two months with your physical fitness and consult a healthcare professional before heading towards the trekking route.

What is the best time to embark on a one-week trek in Nepal?

The best time to go on a one-week trek in Nepal is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons.

What should I pack for a one-week trek in Nepal?

For a one-week trek in Nepal, it is essential to pack the following items: sturdy hiking boots, comfortable clothing (preferably in layers), a warm sleeping bag, a backpack, a waterproof jacket, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a first aid kit, water purification tablets, and a headlamp. Additionally, lightweight and quick-drying clothing is recommended to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Are there any altitude sickness risks during one-week treks in Nepal?

Altitude sickness can occur during one-week treks if you ascend too quickly without proper hydration, acclimatization, or neglecting to listen to your body. It’s important to be careful, especially in the Himalayan region, and take necessary measures to prevent altitude sickness.

Can I hire a guide or porter for a one-week trek in Nepal?

Yes, hiring a guide is compulsory in Nepal if you are going for trekking but porter is optional. We highly recommend you hire a porter too if you are new to the trekking or Himalayan region. Yes, you can hire both a guide and a porter for a one-week trek in Nepal.

At the End

Whether you choose ABC Trek or Everest View Trek, it is guaranteed that you are going to love Nepal more than ever with an exhilarating adventure.

This one-week trek in Nepal is going to give you a lifetime experience. So pack your bag and wait for the best season to embark on your journey.

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